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Preserving Yoga’s Classical Traditions


More than ever in today’s Western world, yoga is becoming rapidly diluted from the ancient scriptures on how to Realize one’s own Atman or True Self.  Since this healing philosophy arrived in the West, it has changed more in the past 50 years than it has over its some 5,000 year old oral & written lifespan in the East.

For over a decade, Lila Lolling has, and continues, to be deeply touched by the classical texts and is an advocate for their preservation and propagation. Classical yoga texts such as the Viveka Chudamani, Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Srimad Bhagavatum and other teachings have offered tremendous wisdom, insights and revelations to the human psyche through centuries.  “Every classical text I study deeply touches my heart, sublimates the ego and illumines the soul. For that reason, I present the ancient yogas in their original form, sharing the same wisdoms from an unbroken lineage of some of the great Gurus of India” Lila says quite simply.

Lila believes in educational empowerment, thus ensuring all peoples have access to the same classical yoga wisdoms that have been part of the oral tradition for many millennia.  That is the reason she is a strong advocate for the translation of classical yoga teachings into American Sign Language (ASL).  She is the founder of the DeafYoga Foundation (DYF), a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to doing just that.

“Yoga is more than a practice, but a way to live a conscious unified life,” Lila explains.  “It has successfully aided in managing and alleviating seizures and brought me closer to my own spirit and Dharma. I cannot imagine my life without it, and this is why I share the sacred teachings.”


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“Your soul is patiently awaiting your undivided attention. Take time to sit with the ever-present,

all-knowing, loving part

of the infinite Self.

Go within and everything

you need will be revealed.”

Swami Sivananda with
students in Rishikesh, India